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How To Connect Your Computer To Your Television

By admin in Uncategorized on August 3 2013
There are many reasons why people use portable televisions, such as keeping up with sports teams, keeping children entertained in the car, or serving as a kitchen helper, whether the viewer is preparing food or cleaning up the mess. Children can be rewarded by geing allowed to watch a portable television in their room, and since it can be moved readily, it doesn't need to be a regular occurance. Portable televisons are also great for a day at the park or even camping trips.

In the old days, portable televisions brought to mind the sound of transitor static with the user desperately trying to tune in the television to try and pick up some sort of signal, and even then the picture was often in black and white.

Today, the best portable television utilize LCD screens with excellent picture quality. They can be used on battery power, with a standard AC jack, or in the car. A digital tuner is also a must for a portable TV, since after analog signals are now obsolete. A headphone jack is also necessary. Due to their small size, Satellite TV, 5-10 inches, portable TVs are often used by just person, and headphones allows them to enjoy the show while giving others the freedom to enjoy other things.What's 1 more click? Your boss isn't watching... Sharp Freestyle AQUOS Portable LCD TV
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Television Fads Of The Last Fifty Years

By admin in Uncategorized on June 15 2013
Television is all about repetition and trend-following. If there is a fad out there, TV has tried to capitalize on it. Here are some of the biggest recent television fads.

Prime-time Game Shows
Traditionally, game shows have been relegated to daytime TV. However, there is always the occasional show that breaks from the pack and starts airing in prime time. Two recent examples are "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "Deal or no Deal." If these shows are hits, every major network tries to cash in on the trend by creating and airing its own prime-time game show. Most of these shows are of poor quality and fail to build audiences as a result.

Celebrity Reality Shows
This is perhaps the biggest current fad on television. Thanks to the success of shows like "The Osbournes," several cable networks have tapped celebrities to star in reality shows. Some of these shows last, but most are canceled after a season or two. Plus, these types of shows are often redundant and superficial, and audiences quickly lose interest.

"Special" episodes
This fad usually comes and goes. Networks will air "special" episodes of TV favorites that break from the normal tone of the show. Common in the 1970s and 1980s, this fad has been relatively dormant since, with show creators instead focusing on building quality shows without gimmicks.
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To 3D Or Not To 3D

By admin in Uncategorized on April 12 2013
A few years back, 3D televisions were all the rage. There are still many on the market, and some TV addicts are still in the process of considering their worth. That begs the question - to 3D or not not to 3D?

The obvious reason to go with 3D is, of course, that it looks great. If you have seen any of the newer 3D HD-TVs on the market, you already know how spectacular the visuals can be. The entire process is far more advanced than those silly cardboard glasses you may have used in the past, and those programs and movies that incorporate 3D well are simply out of this world. When 3D works, it simply cannot be beaten.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of call for 3D television - at least, not yet. Few, if any, shows actually broadcast in 3D and only a fairly limited number of movies actually support the option. As such, buying a 3D TV is a little like buying one of the early HD televisions that were on the market - a nice gadget to have, but something that is still waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

Today's 3D-capable world simply is not making use of the technology. If you want to be an early adopter, you can enjoy some great movies. If not, though, you can probably pass up the fad until more options are available.
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Daytime Television: Is It Rotting Your Mind?

By admin in Uncategorized on June 16 2012
Watching a little television can be relaxing after a long day's work. However, too much TV can be harmful to your health. You might ask yourself, well, what is too much TV? If watching television has gotten in the way of other activities with family and loved ones, then it has gotten to be a problem. A recommended amount of time would be around one hour daily or two hours at the most per day. Moreover, you also have to take into account the type of television programming you watch on a daily basis.

Daytime television is probably the unhealthiest type of television programming. The main reason for this is that it takes your whole day away. By the time you want to take the kids to the park or go outside and enjoy the day, you find that it's already getting dark and too late to do anything. Too much Daytime TV will rot your mind by making you lazy, tired, depressed and even help you gain a few pounds in the process. Watching television to fill a few minutes in the day isn't bad but when television begins to fill all the minutes in your day, that's when you have to watch out.
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Cheap And Easy Ways To Get Your Soaps Without Cable

By admin in Uncategorized on August 20 2011
For some of us, it's hard to imagine missing an episode of our favorite soap opera. In today's society, technology has made such huge advances that we no longer need to depend on the television and a cablebox to watch them. As long as we have a cell phone with internet or a computer with internet, we will never need to depend on cable to catch up on all the juicy gossip and steamy scenes of our favorite soaps.

We are all on the go these days. None of us want to miss an episode, however, we don't want to pay extra money for cable we never get to watch because we are never home. Almost everyone has a cell phone capable of getting the internet. The internet is the easiest and fastest way to be able to view a soap opera. The best ways are using an application offered by a cell phone provider or visiting the websites of the broadcast networks that offer full episodes for their viewers. Most people already have the internet, so this is a way to never miss our soaps while on the go or without having to spend extra money on the cable.
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Entertainment System Envy: How You Battle Your Jealousy

By admin in Uncategorized on August 19 2011
I am addicted to TV. I know that is a bad thing to say but it is true. I even look at TV when I go to stores because I hate to be away from the TV for more than one hour. TV has become quite different than it was in the late 80's and early 90's when I was growing up. There are so many channels to choose from so you do not get bored as much when you watch TV because there is literally something for everyone.

I do have entertainment system envy because whenever my husband forces me to go to see his friends and family members I am always first struck by how large their TV screens are. We had a 46 inch LCD TV but unfortunately the circuit board died and my husband got laid off so I could only afford a 32 inch LCD TV to replace it. Now whenever I go and see that his friends have TV's that are larger than 50 inches it does make me envious.
I battle my jealousy by looking online for similar entertainment systems and dreaming of the day when I can finally add the items to my online shopping cart and check out and pay for the items. Hopefully in the next six months my husband will have a job so that I will have the entertainment system of my dreams.
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Is It Worth It: The Answer To The Ultimate Question

By admin in Uncategorized on August 16 2011
We all love our cable TV. We watch a couple of programs to unwind after a hard day of work, and a few favorite shows on the weekend. With the economy like it is, though, many of us are trying to cut costs in as many aspects of our lives as we can. Is the enjoyment we get from cable TV really worth the money we pay for it?

Th average price of just basic cable is over 60 dollars a month. Add to that the many extra packages of channels that the cable companies offer, and you have a bill that can be close to 100 dollars for some.Is this new to you? Catch up here Basic cable itself is around two dollars per day. To decide if basic cable is worth it for your family, divide that two dollars by the average viewing hours of your family per day. If your family watches a total of four hours a day amongst everyone, that is a cost of 50 cents per viewing hour. Take into account what your family would be doing for entertainment if cable TV wasn't available, and how much that would cost. If the cost would be more than two dollars per day, than cable TV is worth it for your family.
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Best Smartphone Apps for TV Lovers

By admin in Uncategorized on July 16 2011
So you've got Direct star tv satellite with hundreds of channels at home and you've downloaded most of your favorite episodes onto your iPod. If you've got a smartphone, though, you're missing out on all the action! Here are a few of our favorite apps for the TV obsessed smart phone user...
TV Guide: The basic TV Guide app helps you set your calendar and alarms and will even notify you if your favorite show is about to air. There's never been a more interactive way to keep up with the local listings.
ESPN App: Did you know there's a new app from ESPN that allows you to watch any game, any time? Wouldn't you like to live-stream the Women's World Cup or find out what your baseball team's been up to today? Get out your phone.
Get Glue: Get Glue is like Foursquare for the TV watching world. Check in and allow your phone to verify that you're watching a particular show and accrue points you can use towards things like a hard copy DVD set of the show itself.
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Television! Bringing Families Closer Together Every Day

By admin in Uncategorized on June 18 2011
Since the 1950's, television has been bringing families closer together everyday. You don't believe me? How many nights have families sat around watching Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke together? I remember many a night as a kid, just waiting for my favorite show to come on, knowing that my mother would sit their and watch it with me. Those were the great nights of my childhood.

Even today, with the state of television being a different animal than it was even a few years ago, television is still bring families together. Yes, some of the programs these days have gotten a little more mature, but with cable being streamed into almost every home, family programming abounds inside that little box. People always wonder how they can spend more time doing things their kids would like to do. Pop on one of the many family programs and enjoy being with them. In this technological age, grab the laptop or iPad and hit the park. A nice picnic, in the park, on a gorgeous afternoon sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. And not only are you spending time with your kids, you are also getting them out of the house.
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Family Time Spent In Front Of The Screen

By admin in Uncategorized on May 23 2011
The average family according to statistics spends a little over thirty-one hours a week in front of the screen and of those thirty-one hours - only thirty-eight minutes in actual conversation. But let's face it - it's not how many minutes or hours you have - it's what you do with them. And with today's new technology families are pursuing more innovative ways of communicating.

Parents and kids who were once deemed disinterested are taking the opportunity to enjoy entertainment, gather information, and capture and share photos - anywhere and anytime. Families all over the world are creating websites to promote their history. They are uploading documents, text, photographs and videos to preserve their lineage for years to come!

According to a recent study, technology is a positive instrument in getting kids to read. Fifty-seven percent of the children interviewed said they would read a lot more books if they had access to electronic devices.

So for families who just can' t get along without a cell phone, laptop, kindle, iPod or TV . . . go ahead and plug in - rant, rave, post, and chat, it's the perfect time to share thoughts, discuss world issues and enjoy the digital age.