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Is It Worth It: The Answer To The Ultimate Question

By admin in Uncategorized on August 16 2011
We all love our cable TV. We watch a couple of programs to unwind after a hard day of work, and a few favorite shows on the weekend. With the economy like it is, though, many of us are trying to cut costs in as many aspects of our lives as we can. Is the enjoyment we get from cable TV really worth the money we pay for it?

Th average price of just basic cable is over 60 dollars a month. Add to that the many extra packages of channels that the cable companies offer, and you have a bill that can be close to 100 dollars for some.Is this new to you? Catch up here Basic cable itself is around two dollars per day. To decide if basic cable is worth it for your family, divide that two dollars by the average viewing hours of your family per day. If your family watches a total of four hours a day amongst everyone, that is a cost of 50 cents per viewing hour. Take into account what your family would be doing for entertainment if cable TV wasn't available, and how much that would cost. If the cost would be more than two dollars per day, than cable TV is worth it for your family.